Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Synchronistic Gathering of Poets

Naja, Q, John Ellis, Morgan and I gathered after last poetry night and we formed a round table of synchronistic poetry; synchronistic meaning no planning, but Nature orchestrates the beginnings; the Way is already inherent in Nature, there is no Force pulling or pushing, but only a gathering designed for all of our highest interest, which is a sharing of Love via its many faces through the Spoken Word.

Come and be the Way for the new poets, we are important in history, we are not minute in a way we perceive ourselves in daily lives, let go the fear and the anger and the frustration and the sad moments of what was, and rise above all to get in touch (and in sync) with a higher level of creativity.

There is a book called The Artists Way by Julia Cameron, I am thinking about writing something similar (eventually) called "The Poets Way", designing to tap into higher states of creativity for all poets and lovers of the Spoken Word.

It is my love for poetry AND poets that have brought me here, I would not be at Nps without Patrick's dedicated and consistent effort to keep Nps going, my appreciation goes out to him first.

May I suggest that we become ONE BREATH with all the poets that have gone before us, all the great ones before our time, they were great and we are the continuation and the keeper of the Power and Beauty of the Word; it is a privilege to BE A POET, my goodness, it is a full-time profession in the eyes of God.

I thank you all humbly, with all my heart and gratitude for people that brought their talents to this Time that we live in.

In Grace,


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