Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February Twenty-third, Two thousand and ten

Good afternoon, blogosphere. Last night, our very own New Poet's Society had a spectacular Open Mic at End of the Line Cafe. As usual, the talent was electric from the first reader, our very own Fearless Leader P. Hudson and his Anomie blood blue moon poetry. From there, the audience was 'wow'ed by Q's magnificent cadence, backed-up by Naja's spectacular vocals. Her performance was met by a sea of applause from the crowd. Next came the enigmatic Rylan and a particularly cryptic piece that earned him the moniker 'that fox guy' from dumbfounded smokers outside the cafe. Dustin followed with an interesting conceptual silence titled 'The Poem Between Poems,' or somethin along those lines. The two new readers this week went by the names Charles and 'Pepaboy Trill McCoy'...great job to them. Just as they were finishing, Kent appeared from the shadows, hopped up on a magnificent cup of coffee, spilling forth hurricane-fast rhymes about a world of paper before rushing out the door. A smile of fulfillment hung beneath his mustache as the crowd celebrated his verbal dexterity. The comedic Morgan brought forth some beautiful short pieces last night, along with frequent contributor J.D. Ellis. Both of these young poets bring vitality and talent to the open-mic sessions. Priya Lin, with her ubiquitous Apple laptop, handed out dedications and metaphors while keeping her screen illuminated with the slighest tap of her finger. Gary read a fantastic poem reminiscent of 'Dune,' and his wife Katherine stood with strength as she offered us a bouquet of poetic language. Meg gave us something to think about with her three page poem, written on scraps of paper that added depth to her performance. Naja had some of that 'old to me, new to you all' stuff that really made us swoon, especially her last poem that came completely out of her memory banks. Per tradition, Spirit finished out the night with his usual verbal gymnastics. In all, the night was full of great artistic merit...a collective favorite line came from Naja, who coined these appropriate words:
"Poets are my preachers/and church is an open-mic."
Look at the time! See everyone next week........I hope you all found joy in this long-winded post.



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  1. Yes! That line from Naja was fantastic. Wonderful recapitulation of the night, barrett. Thank you.