Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Poetry Slam 09/29/09

We had a HUGE night this week, so I'd like to extend my gratitude towards everyone who made it out. The cafe' was packed to the brim, and I think we may have inadvertently cost a couple earnest patrons the ability to sit and enjoy their meal. Hopefully the sheer brilliance of everyone who read last night was a good enough parting gift.

Also, a ton of new readers last night; which, is always good to see. Hopefully they will return to us.

Another minor note of business: I did intend to talk about the anthology last night, but with so many readers--it was hard to find a chance. So, I'll just write a bit about it.

We need staff members. I've got a lot of other business, but I consider the Anthology extremely important. As most of you know, the book's proceeds will be donated to OPEN BOOKS because we love them. Though, this means any funds we allocate from the book can't go towards to production cost.

So, what does that mean? NPS is going to do what high school bands do and FUND RAISE.
I'm not sure how, yet. Maybe we can find a really rich person to help us, but it seems unlikely.

For every person who takes a staff position, you take that much work off of my shoulders and anyone else who joins up. Also, aside from getting credited in the book, you'll receive a free copy and free reign over your pages.

So, here are some job available:

1) Photograph Collector - Make sure we have photos of everyone who will be in the book

2) Designer - Will be in charge of making sure the contributor's desired format is reflected

3) Fund Raising Organizer - Helping me come up with ideas, organize what we need, and putting these ideas into action.

4) X - Staff Member

5) X - Staff Member

I want five main staff members to help me out with this. The last two are really just everymen(or women) to help anyone, or come up with their own jobs.

So, if you'd like to help us out, comment and say what position you'd like.

Thanks so much, and don't forget to POST WHAT YOU READ LAST NIGHT,


Friday, September 25, 2009

Trevor Griffith?

Someone informed me Trevor was quoted by the NY TIMES, but then I was looking at this:

Could this masked figure be the same man, or is this a cosmic coincidence fucking with us?

Trevor Griffith, 21, was part of the march after driving 16 hours from Pensacola, Fla., with three fellow students from the University of West Florida.

“The fact that 20 or so individuals right now are determining economic trade policies for four to five billion people just isn’t right,” Mr. Griffith said. “That’s why we’re here.”

Trevor Warren Griffith!

What the fuck?

Thursday, September 24, 2009


We had a small group on Tuesday, but a great one. Instead of reading inside, everyone agreed to move out front and hold the readings out there. It was quite an experience.

Al came in from Ft. Walton and stole the show, in my opinion.
Of course, that's not such a strange thing for him.

Thanks to everyone who showed up.

Post your poems up if you read on Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Open Mic 09-08-09

Congratulations to John Fravel for winning the character piece contest last night. His poetic impersonation of Trevor Griffith is unparalleled, not to mention absolutely hilarious.

Also, a warm thanks to everyone who entered. The audience was truly torn on who should win; everyone received at least five votes.

In any event, great showing last night, great poems, old faces, and some new ones.

Now, let's get these contestants to post their poems on here for everyone to read.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Poetry Reading 09/01/09

Alright, contest rules:

Pick a character of your choice

an author
a character from a book
a character of your own creation
or someone you know

and write a piece from that perspective.

Voting next week!

Post your poems!