Thursday, February 4, 2010

Poem for Trevor

“Raconte-Moi” (Tell Me)

~a service piece, serving one of the NPS stars, Trevor, this poem comes to me when I listen to one of my favorite French songs

Tell me

Your life stories

Your unseen sorrow

Your dreams and despairs that only you and your buddies know

And perhaps

None of your buddies know

It’s still hidden quietly

At the secret garden of your innocence

Those who can enter

They bring you a rose

A miracle of love

Wise and young

Old and innocent

Cherished and adored

Kind and forever sweet

Your nature shines like the sun

Dimming the light

I saw the man you are meant to become

Even if the light is still dim

Around you

And it seems to be a bit too dim

For the star dusts that you carry in your pockets

It’s just a note

That you picked it up one day after a long day

It says

I know you

The magnificent child and the man to be

There is one thing more you need to know

And I am going to whisper this to the Universe

My beloved

Your essence is non-stoppable

The timeless piece that is You

Those of us who cherishes who you are

Will hold it gently in our hands

Nurturing every cell of yours

Until one day

Your truth comes

Majesty is your last name

Forget Not

-Priya Lin

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