Sunday, May 9, 2010

5/4/10 (5/9/10)

Good morning and Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers and mother figures out there in the world. I appreciate those of you that showed up last night and celebrated my early birthday with good times and good music (for a few short, fleeting moments). Last week, I wrote down some of my favorite lines from the readers that I heard. Here they are.

S' Mayo- "drag your devils to heaven to be destroyed"
Erika- "filled to the brim with liquid memory eraser"
Stephen- "a time of courage in an age of fear"
John Fravel (my personal favorite of the night)- "not a Willie Mays, but a Willy will" & "the defendant's penis was an oxymoron"
Travis- I wanted to write the whole poem down
C. Cooper- "hours lost to blind man's theory"
Alexz- "flair and excessive wall ornamentation"
Dusty- "alligators ate antelopes because they can't eat cantaloupes"
Q [stillblacksee]- "I'm seeking 12 disciples armed with hammers, not Hummers, but hammers"
Naja- "some people have faith in the chains that hold them back"
Meghan K- "Michael moore should give / his movies away for free / capitalist pig"
Cole- "3.141592653"
Spirit {aka the Poet?}- "our multiculturalism is coming in the state of animalism"

If any of the above quotes are completely incorrect, I is hard to catch up with some of the faster readers. See you all on Tuesday, 5/11, where we can discuss the inaccuracies and express our frustration


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