Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 20th- The real contest night.

Battling the obligations to my scholarly duties, I will now recount the events surrounding the mystical night of April 20th, 2010 that has been, until now, shrouded in secrecy.

The night began as any other, but what night is different when distilled to its purest parts?

There happened to be no new readers this week, but the majority of the wonderful regulars that the frequenters of Poetry night have come to know were there. The list of readers and my brief summaries of their performances are mirrored below.
  1. Morgan- Spoke of Rwandan & Afghan victims. Provided audience with a POV that many never consider.
  2. Erika- My favorite line was, "Horticulturally speaking, i'd be a root."
  3. Rylan- Always provides simple, but thought provoking prose. A tale of two blind, hungry bats.
  4. AKA- More focus and emotion this week. "...The same people that smile in your face and hate you round the corner..."
  5. Naja- Even unprepared, her poetic performances are strong.
  6. Steven-The third performance I have witnessed from him. Has a unique, solid style that is strongly rooted in a, for the lack of a better word, classical sort of poetry.
  7. Barrett White (contest winner)- Up to his new/old hi-jinks with his bag of tricks. Looking forward to his future work.
  8. Dusty- Read something that a friend had written titled, "Letter to America from an Iraqi Woman"
  9. Mariah (contest participant)-Presented an Adderall-inspired poem about genitals and his contest piece was a clever poem based off a work by Jackson Pollock. The poem definitely reflected Pollock's style.
  10. Jonathan- A different side was shown this week. Read an honest and emotional poem about growing up without a mother.
  11. Iceiz-I was most impressed with her ability to write a piece DURING Poetry night and present it just as well as her prepared poems. Even off the cuff, she is still incredibly passionate.
  12. Travis- read a number of contemplative haiku. I wish I could hear from Travis more often.
  13. Q-Read his cleverest poem to date. Using the elementary structure of nursery rhymes and
  14. Cole (contest participant)- Presented a great piece that, upon reading in print, was meticulously crafted.
  15. John Fravel (contest participant)- John Fravel read a piece that was unmistakeably John Fravel. I do not recall the title, but it very well could have been titled, "One million brown bunnies".
  16. Patrick Hudson (contest participant)- "A flower in reverse is palindromic, A seed in reverse is palindromic again."
As far as the contest, it goes without saying that all the poetry presented during the contest was particularly good. Alas, the audience was required to vote, and Barrett White walked away this week's winner.

Afterwards, everyone went to their respective homes and went to sleep, I am sure. Except for those that might have observed a particular holiday celebrated this time every year. Of that, I am not.

Looking forward to tonight NPS,
John Ellis.

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