Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Open Mic 09-08-09

Congratulations to John Fravel for winning the character piece contest last night. His poetic impersonation of Trevor Griffith is unparalleled, not to mention absolutely hilarious.

Also, a warm thanks to everyone who entered. The audience was truly torn on who should win; everyone received at least five votes.

In any event, great showing last night, great poems, old faces, and some new ones.

Now, let's get these contestants to post their poems on here for everyone to read.

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  1. I was his secret, I was his sanctuary.
    I was really something, wasn't I?
    We turned the pages together,
    in my apartment in the sky.
    Pages I had turned, had turned had, turned before.

    I used to have a little punker.
    I miss him. I cannot have him. I do not want him.
    He has a new girlfriend, she gives him a new tattoo,
    These are things I did not do.

    My bedroom became a chamber.
    I watched him come into his own,
    and my how he's grown.
    Before this cold and cruel, tender mistress.

    I used to have a little punker.
    I wanted him, I had him, I loved him. I never told him.
    I laughed harshly, caressed gently.
    He brought his sensuality, learned my sexuality.

    Little did I know, his affection was on loan.
    My body, the lesson plan, had been outgrown
    and out-thrown in favor of application of skill honed.

    So yes he grew, but he never knew
    what means or meant or intent
    had secured such scholarship.

    Fault is mine for loving and subjugating,
    For teaching but never reaching.

    Yet to learn is the master-mistress, how to conduct love as love clear as the sun or brave as the day.