Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Silence of the woods interrupted by the syrupy sounds of moaning--it echoes
Getting louder now -- almost rumbling in my ears
I hear the screeching of two lovers ode to the sunset
It sounds like murder -- torturous cries -- I don't understand
How can she let them -- have her?

I get closer now -- I can see them
Thunderous applause rains down from the sky
As I join an audience of singing whipper wheels and red birds
They look upon what I see now -- crickets whisper critiques and suggestions
As I sit inaudibly awed by contrasting vision and knowledge
Is that what its supposed to be? It sounds now like Chopin's Nocturne in C -- minor.

The silky friction of their bodies -- like an electric violin
played in Carnagie Hall paints a stunning portrait of love
Her back cracks softly as she arches -- leaves rustle as the other bends an arm
Breathing like a freight train -- quicker and louder now -- whimpers like kittens
Melody and harmony with each move they make -- brass trumpets and percussion join in --
oh - thats the leaves rustling in the wind -- just slightly

A squirrel jumps on my shoulder -- chattering words of advice
I want what they have -- there is no sting to making love
He sanctions my desire then riotously scurries on -- an interruption to the silence in their heads
They turn -- I see her face--the moon shining sharply on her smile
The eyes of the other tell a lucid story--and I know her
My teeth chatter with excitement
could it be
was that me?

I wake up

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  1. This is really incredible. I love the coupling of sexuality with music. The imagery in general is so strong, I almost feel like I was in the forest with you...though of course not with you : )