Thursday, June 18, 2009

A gem

Although I may not agree, the words are truly moving.

Here's an excerpt from Stefan's recently finished manuscript:

"And as I begin to think about what I have just written, I'm struck by what I feel is the strongest argument for design: a sense of purpose. For I feel that I have a purpose on this planet, that I am destined to achieve great things. Perhaps it is just my own desire, but where does that come from? Why am I so compelled? Is it to leave my mark on the human race? To obtain a certain immortality like Caesar or Alexander? Maybe. But I think that there is something else to it. This sense of purpose is inside of me, and it fills me, and I cannot ignore it. Surely it can be broken down to a molecular level, can be explained away by genetic coding. Surely it can be attributed to natural selection; to my inherent pre-disposition towards survival. Surely there are a hundred better explanations. But I'm still not ready to accept them."


  1. These words guide me to the well-traveled place of self; A place of free will and true incarceration. There is an old word... one of my favorites that speaks to this.

    VERVAIN. (Latin) Ver (to see) Verdad (truth)
    add vanity and you (I) are driven to have others "see our truth". If you google this word they will attempt to sell you an herbal remedy for the condition. With more search the "condition" is described (partly)as being overzealous in our discourse, to take hostages (my paraphrase).

    I need my truth to be known also, IT IS SO CLEAR that I walk into it constantly (lol),
    being drawn to the gentle eye and impaling myself on it's horn.

    Stefan writes "but where does that come from?" It is a lovely question and to not pose it is suicidal... we die, or at best fade away. In looking toward a celestial grace I may see myself as the great unknown. What will I do?

    So my morning is now complete, (thanks anomie)
    the Great WhatAm is strolling and I know I'm not alone (thanks NPS). The song in my head was written by John Hiatt:
    "You can learn to live with love
    or without it
    but there ain't no cure."

  2. Dear NPS, it's Priya the traveling poet reporting LIVE from the South of France, started to look for the local joint here for a poetry night while I am abroad, the coolest thing I wrote for the day were short verses:

    "New Eyes" #19

    New Eyes,
    No more old prescriptions for the New.

    Could people from Pensacola put up some poems on here? Waiting for the sacred fire to continue, thanks!

    -Priya, Aix-en-Provence, France

  3. It's a slow roll,
    but take heart in
    the ball will forever
    keep going.

  4. Pat and John, I'm glad my words could move you, that's a really thrilling thing. As for poems, I'll post a few soon. I'm glad this blog has begun.