Monday, October 19, 2009

10/13/2009 -- Contest Night

Everyone give it up to Meghan for another win in our monthly contests!

She's 2 for however many contests we've done.

It was a particularly good night, 10 readers in total, 3 entries into the contest. All of which were awesome entries. Tricia read a poignant poem about her arrival and impending departure from Pensacola. Dustin's piece was a satirical look at local politics and issues in the community. Meghan's entry was a composed and eloquent peer into the community of Pensacola from her perspective.

It's unfortunate there can only be one winner. Even the Applause-o-meter had trouble deciding who won.

Next, we need to start collecting poems for the book.
I've made a list of frequent contributors to poetry night.

Everyone on this list can have up to 3 poems in the book.
Try and submit in the format you want to see in the publication.
Any edits will be cleared with you, so don't worry.

Yes, you can still enter the contest.
I'd like you to submit these three poems you want to see in the book, ASAP.
Then, when contest time comes around,
just resubmit them with the additional two you need.

Of course, the official submission cut-off date is NOVEMBER 3RD.

Here's the official list of people who can ABSOLUTELY see publication:

  • Trevor Warren Griffith
  • Renaud
  • Stijl Calhoun
  • Meghan K
  • Stefan Georgi
  • John Fravel
  • Quincy Hull
  • Naja
  • Nitin Advani
  • Alex Robinson
  • Barrett White
  • Al Spyce
  • Alex Borgella
  • Iceis
  • Tyler Cummings
  • Derek Cosson
  • Priya Lin
  • David
  • Tricia McSweeney
  • Alex Colston
  • Jimi

Everyone else will have to submit and see what happens.
This is not a favoritism thing.
This is a result of consistent participation in poetry night,
whether on the stage or listening and attending.

Otherwise, submit entries to
hand them to me at POETRY NIGHT.

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